Time Out Tuesday


Last week was hectic! I had what felt like an endless to-do list and was scheduled for multiple marathon meetings. Early mornings, late evenings, with no workouts. The end result? I was exhausted! One thing I’ve learned about myself is that when I get tired, I react rather than respond. I become the little girl in this video.

I made an error last week that, although not fatal, demanded immediate damage control. As much as I tried to contain the effects, some damage is irreversible. I have faith that this was not one of those times…but it could have been. Since I know that there are limits on my effectiveness, I have to find a way to decompress, even when my time is in high demand. I snapped this picture the other day that speaks volumes.


At some point, even the helpers need help. We are not invincible and even though we have jobs to do and purpose to pursue, failure to decompress and place boundaries around our well-being will leave us dysfunctional, needing to be carried by someone else.

How will you take a timeout today? What are some ways you decompress? What are your go-to outlets? How do you guard/protect your wellness when facing competing priorities?

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