There’s More Room Out Than In

The Question of the Day over on the WordPress Daily Post was “Why do you blog?”

The first thing that comes to mind when I start to answer this question is something my grandmother used to say about normal bodily functions. As children, we would always make fun of each other if one of us passed gas but my grandmother would comfort the offender and say, “There’s more room out than in.” In other words, some things are better off released rather than held.

canstockphoto8819418I blog to release my thoughts about my life as a minister, mentor, writer, Hebrew Bible scholar, and global leader and about the world around me as seen through the lens of faith. I have always found writing to be cathartic and an easily accessible way of releasing my emotions. Just as some things are better off released, so are some words and emotions.

I also blog because I have the privilege of going to amazing places, meeting interesting people, and doing some incredible things. This blog is my way of sharing these experiences with you, of bringing you along on my journey to benefit from the opportunities that have been graciously given to me.

These experiences are not mine alone. I write this blog for people of faith who are striving to answer God’s call to use you gifts to benefit the world around you, through leadership, mentoring, service, or ministry. I hope that it reaches people far and wide even if they don’t fall into these categories. I pray that every time you visit Listening Aloud, you find something that:

  • Encourages you to have faith,canstockphoto11152496
  • Inspires you to dream and to set goals to achieve your dreams,
  • Motivates you to grow and to expand your frame of thinking to become globally fluent,
  • Challenges you to think and reflect critically about yourself and the world around you, and
  • Empowers you to consider others through meaningful relationships and service.

So, that’s why I blog. Now, my million dollar question is, “Why do you read this blog?” I can’t wait to read your responses!NaBloPoMo_2015

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