Time out Tuesday: Guilty Pleasures, Dark and Light

IMG_0563I’m easy to please.

A good cup of coffee and a fresh manicure always take the edge off for me.

I prefer my coffee dark
and my manicure light,IMG_0318
in that order.

I know that many people live for ice cream sundaes in a cup– a la venti soy white raspberry with whip mocha. Just give me a cup of bold roast and all is right with the world.

AIMG_0457s for my manicure, short, squoval, with pastels or neutrals- simple, pretty, conservative.

Adam Sternbergh advocated in his New York Times Magazine article All of the Pleasure, None of the Guilt that we toss out the self-imposed boundaries that dictate respectable, approved ways of spending our time. Instead, we must embrace the cultural indulgences bring us pleasure.

I don’t know when I became obsessed with well-manicured nails, but my love of coffee began when I was a child spending summers with my grandmother. She would give me coffee in a small glass jar with a few blocks of ice when I joined her in the kitchen on summer mornings. Maybe those sips of bold, black take me back to sunny summer mornings. I don’t FullSizeRender-2know. What I know for sure is that I consider very few days complete without a good strong cup of coffee.

So, what’s your pleasure?


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