But First, Tea

Christmas is less than 48 hours away and I am nowhere near prepared. In truth, this holiday season (like most of 2015) has been about experiences rather than things. I’ve focused my resources and my time on creating memorable moments for myself and for others. This past Saturday was one of those moments.

It was our church’s annual tea party for little girls aged 5-11 and it was amazing! Thirty little girls in tea party dresses and holiday gowns secured their tiaras and walked a red carpet into the chapel while Christmas jazz played softly in the background.12369221_10154366936595830_6113754592281159916_n


We started with prayer, scripture, and a welcome, all offered by little girls of course! That was followed by a short lesson on entering the chair from the correct side and proper placement of the napkin. Then the girls were ready to be seated.


Much care and planning goes into every detail of the event including napkins embroidered with each girl’s name and fresh roses on all of the tables.

The first activity is a table setting game. Girls are given 60 seconds to memorize proper placement of utensils in an informal table settinIMG_1542g. Then, they must work together as a team to set a table.




After light lunch of finger sandwiches, fruit, and other hors d’oeuvres, the girls made Christmas ornaments to share with their families. Then they returned to their seats for cupcakes and tea.

No party would be complete without a small parting gift. So, each girl received a satin gift bag filled with candy, in which to place her ornament.bag

I hope the girls enjoyed “playing dress-up”, donning gloves, capes, and tiaras. I hope they enjoyed having lunch with their friends as well as meeting new friends. I hope they learned the value of quality time with other girls. (The ability to forge relationships with other women will be critical to their lives as young women.) I hope they appreciate the time and effort their church family invested in their experience. Most of all, I hope that somewhere in their hearts, this party has taught them to value moments over presents and that they bring that lesson to every holiday season for the rest of their lives.

You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
Dr. Suess

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