A Beautiful Black Christmas

If you’ve been in any retail establishment this week, you know that the holidays are quickly approaching. Move over trick-or-treaters, make room for Frosty!

Christmas decorations in our family have always been a massive production. My mom (God rest her soul) even purchased holiday pajamas and slippers that coordinated with her seasonal bed linen. I’m telling you…it was a massive production. The entire decorating process took several weeks and involved almost every area of the house.

A few years ago, I hosted a potluck dinner in my home for small group leaders, and the event happened to coincide with the Christmas holidays. That meant that our Christmas trimmings were hung in full force! In the middle of dinner, one of the guests expressed their surprise and amusement to see that all of the characters on our Christmas tree and in our Christmas village were black!img_2188






















My mom was a firm believer in flooding our home with images that look like us.

Black dolls.
Black artwork.
Black music.
And yes, even black Santa!

I can’t remember a time when I was ashamed of my ethnic heritage. It was woven into my worldview and celebrated in my surroundings. Black is beautiful…even on a Christmas tree!

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