As this presidential election season comes to a close, we sit on the cusp of a new era in our country. Hatred and vitriol are unmasked. Tempers are heightened and threats of brutality and retaliation are the norm. Racism is rampant and justice for the oppressed seems like a carrot dangled daily in front of a horse, always in sight but perpetually out of reach. But somehow, the evil undercurrent that has characterized this campaign season does not phase me. Very little moves me.

What has surprised me, is the behavior of believers. I am shocked…and saddened, by the panic and frenzy (some) Christians have displayed as the elections unfold. The harried, ruffled, shaken condition that some of us find ourselves in is not reflective of weightweebles-piced saints. Do you remember the weebles? The weebles wobbled, but they didn’t fall down. The reason that the weebles never fell is that they had small weights inserted in their center that served as anchors. Those of us who reside in the household of faith have been given an anchor in the gift of the Holy Spirit, that ought to stabilize us, even in the most tumultuous conditions.

While some are praying tonight for election outcomes, I am praying for people of faith.

I am praying for you as Christ prayed for Peter, that your faith would not fail.

I am praying that you remember the words of Isaiah 9:6, that you have a Savior who carries “the government on His shoulders.”

I am praying that you would embody the proclamation of Daniel from Daniel 3:17-18, knowing that your God is able to deliver you…but even if he doesn’t, you don’t have to modify your service or redirect your worship.

So, go to sleep tonight.

Rest well.

For if your anchor holds, no matter who sits in “the seat” tomorrow, the weight in your bosom will stabilize your future.



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