About Me

This blog is the space where I muse about the intersections of my life as minister, mentor, scholar, and global leader.


My name is NaShieka and I am an ordained minister. In 2015, I will celebrate 20 years of licensed ministry. There have been triumphs and tears along the way buIMG_1511t I’m still here! I’ve learned a lot about serving God and serving people and I try to deposit this knowledge in the ministers that I mentor.

Mentor to Young Women

I am the founder and Director of Zelophehad’s Daughters, Inc, a mentoring organization for teen girls.

Budding Hebrew Bible Scholar

I love teaching and studying the Bible, especially the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. I researched midwives in ancient Israel for my Master of Arts in Jewish Studies (Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Civilization). I also completed a Master of Divinity at Howard University.

Global Leader

“Your calling is to the world,” that’s what a prophet told me years ago. That wasn’t news to me, though. I remember listening to a presentation on student exchange programs in elementary school. My classmates all wanted to go to Europe. As for me, I set my sights on Haiti. I knew then that my desire to travel would be about more than sightseeing. I have participated in humanitarian, theological, missionary, and women’s empowerment work around the world. One day I WILL serve my country as a diplomat.

And More…

In addition to my musings, I also use this blog space to reflect on the people who inspire me (Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni), the activities that sustain me (Black Girls Run, Bikram Yoga, 50Books2015), my callings (to write my first book this year), my dreams (becoming a US ambassador), and my hobbies (international travel, good restaurants, spending time with family).

So visit often, get comfy, and be prepared to Listen Aloud!

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Marcia Wilson Whitby says:

    Thanks for giving the glimpse of your life as a servant, advocate for young girls, and the hope that u give to those in other countries. When I celebrate my sister for her courageous acts, I am celebrating the love of Christ that shines within you. God’s blessings

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