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My life as a minister, mentor, writer, budding Hebrew Bible scholar, and global leader

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Drip. Drop.

Drip. Drop.

If you’ve ever owned a home, you know the damage that can be done by a slow leak. According to the EPA, the average household leak amounts to roughly 10,000 gallons of water per year. While the drops that come from a slow leak don’t look like much, over time they make a sizeable impact. leaky_faucetGiven enough time, water even in small amounts, wears away¬†hard stoney surfaces. This is the process of erosion. When given space and time, steady drops of water cause rock to change shape.

There are times when the work that we do, the effort that we give, the ministry that we engage in feels like small drips in a big bucket. Continue Reading

One Global Family

One Global Family. That’s the tagline for Give1. They say that your network is your net worth. Thanks to Thione Niang and the Give1Project, I am blessed to have a network that spans the globe. They make me a better me and in turn, what I offer the world is also better. I am grateful […]

What are you looking at?

For the last year and a half, I’ve been commuting by train. I hate driving. Commuting allows me to relax, rest, and read in the mornings. I arrive at work in a much better mental state than I would after fighting through the anxiety and road rage engendered by¬†metropolitan area traffic. There’s always a lot of activity at the station where I board the train. Last night, I passed a homeless man being placed in handcuffs by two police officers; Continue Reading

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