Bring More Than a Business Card

Next week, the 5th Anniversary Conference of the Give1Project will convene in Washington, DC. I like to describe Give1 as a think tank for global leadership. Founded by Thione Niang, the organization engages global leaders, equips young entrepreneurs, empowers women, promotes international travel, and inspires young people to change their world by building healthy and strong communities. I connected with this … Continue reading Bring More Than a Business Card

Unclogging the Leadership Pipeline

Yesterday, a small group of influential women descended on Capitol Hill to encourage Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to bring Loretta Lynch's nomination for Attorney General to the full senate floor for a vote. Despite meeting all of the requirements, being highly-qualified and possessing an impeccable service record, the vote to confirm Lynch's nomination has … Continue reading Unclogging the Leadership Pipeline