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Listening Aloud

My life as a minister, mentor, writer, budding Hebrew Bible scholar, and global leader

A Beautiful Black Christmas

If you’ve been in any retail establishment this week, you know that the holidays are quickly approaching. Move over trick-or-treaters, make room for Frosty!

Christmas decorations in our family have always been a massive production. My mom (God rest her soul) even purchased holiday pajamas and slippers that coordinated with her seasonal bed linen. I’m telling you…it was a massive production. Continue Reading

Preaching and…

Bumped into an interesting conversation on Facebook tonight. Under normal circumstances, I avoid contentious conversations about politics or religion, especially in public spaces. People are usually passionate about both topics and inevitably, seemingly innocent comments are taken out of context. Tempers start to flare and things become explosive. In my opinion, the conversations do more harm than good.

But tonight… Continue Reading

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