Embrace the Outtakes

My runbud brunch plans on Sunday were canceled. So, I put a spicy chicken and black bean soup in the crock pot and prepared to head upstairs. I had a plan. I would finish my vision board for 2015 just in time for Lent and post a pic on Instagram of my finished board next to a glass of Vouvray. Chic, right? But just when I was about to head upstairs, I was distracted by a crumb on the cabinet behind the IMG_1240crockpot. So I’m sure you know what happened. I spent the next hour cleaning and organizing the kitchen counter, then headed upstairs.

I only lost one hour. That’s what I told myself. So, I plopped down on my bedroom floor ready to cast my vision. But there were those piles of articles from grad school that I swore I’d burn in a bonfire the day after graduation. I could dispose of those piles and purge the magazine collection behind them. How long could that take? Well…several hours, one large garbage bag, and 40 recyclable magazinIMG_1239es later, I decided to pray for a snow day and try again the next day.

Am I the only one who longs to be one of those people who posts perfect pictures on Instagram but whose life is not picture perfect?
I want to post glossy moments but my life is filled with outtakes. Many imperfect moments that may not be camera-ready, but are perfect for my journey.

Taking time to purge and prepare helped me to make space for my vision. It gave me the room to spread out and see the bigger picture. I must say that I am pretty pleased with the finished product, but more than that, I am grateful for the way that these outtakes have prepared me for this year’s Lenten journey.

During this Lenten season, I will:

  1. Declutter my Heart by focusing on the Cross, journeying with other sisters in the shereadstruth.com bible study Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross,
  2. Declutter my Space by joining the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge, spending 40 days purging my physical and virtual surroundings,
  3. Declutter my Mind by sacrificing the amount of time I spend on social media each day, and
  4. Declutter my Gifts by revisiting my first calling, the call to write.

I have set some lofty goals but I enter this season with God’s grace and the courage to embrace the outtakes.

6 thoughts on “Embrace the Outtakes

  1. Chernail says:

    You’re not alone. I believe that many of us suffer from the need to reflect a “perfect” existence while continuing to shovel things under the rug.

    I’m glad that you were able to keep things in perspective and allow yourself room to clean up the old to make room for the new.

    Thanks so much for this! It was providentially timely and I am inspired!

    • listeningaloud says:

      Thanks for your comment Chernail. I think it’s a daily struggle to remind ourselves to be kind to ourselves and to accept our imperfections…without using them as an excuse to become complacent.

  2. MzSassyBambi says:

    I realize more and more each day my life isn’t perfect but at the same time it is….I realize more and more its like a painting a few slashes here erase this there repeat this step it may look weird and confusing to others and even me sometimes but its what GOD created to be beautiful to him….I am trying to work on pushing myself more….checking myself when my attitude is off and trying to decrease the amount of crap I read and watch on tv and getting back to my crafts so for the first time in 8 years I came up with a dance for my cousin’s group and it felt so good…..and now I cant get the song out of my head…not complaining tho..

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