Spring is in the Air

Spring officially began yesterday. (Throws confetti.) This is the time when people with green thumbs begin preparing their flower beds and planting their gardens. Those folks are serious. Have you seen them in Lowe’s and Home Depot studying the garden section like they’re preparing for an exam?


Sweet banana pepper.

My mom loved flowers- planting them, arranging them, taking pictures of them. It was her second favorite hobby. (Cooking was her first love.) She tried to pass her love on to me, but I struggle with getting things to grow. My garden yielded one pepper last year.

My mom planting flowers at the beautification day at church.

My mom planting flowers at the beautification day at church.

I think my mom inherited her love of gardening from my grandmother. As children, we spent summers at Grandma’s house and if you wanted to make her mad, pluck the blooms off of one of her flower bushes! (She just didn’t understand that those blooms made the best make-believe food when we played “restaurant”. Elephant ears were great collard greens, too.) I ran across these old pictures in a photo album. They were taken at my grandmother’s house. Check out the flower gardens in the background!

We spent last Saturday at the Philadelphia Flower Show. The theme this year was “Lights, Camera, Bloom.” It was a celebration of movies that started with a red carpet. The arrangers did some amazing things with vibrant colors and healthy blemish-free blooms.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In a few weeks it will be time for our annual trek to Homestead Gardens in hopes that this year’s harvest will be plentiful and that the flower beds will be full.308497_10150345734959457_2008647402_n I don’t quite have a love for gardening but I’m determined to get things to grow. It has to work. It’s in my DNA. I may not get my mother’s garden but I’m at least hoping for more than one pepper!

What are your hobbies? What pastimes are you sharing with your children? Are you planting a garden this year? Let me hear from you!

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