August was Awesome!

Hey Loves,

I can’t believe it’s finally September. Normally, I love the summer. I’m a sun baby for sure! But this year, we had the hottest July on record and my air conditioner took a hiatus mid-June. So, we’ve been in the house looking like…


Despite the sweltering heat, August was awesome! So, before I begin the September sashay, I want to take this moment to properly pay homage to August.


  1. The opportunity to host a visit from our Guyanese pastor and his wife in advance of our church’s mission trip this fall. It was good to reconnect with them face to face and to hear more about the great work happening in the land of many waters. Part of our mission will be to see the school that we invested in several years ago and for which we will be raising funds over the next 18 months. There are plans to expand the school to incorporate basic science and computer labs, along with additional instructional facilities. (If you would like to make a financial contribution to this mission, shoot me an email for more information.)
  2. FINALLY reaping a harvest from my garden. I will share more about this in a later post, but if you follow me on instagram, you
    saw the first real fruits of “shopping in my own backyard” at the end of July. We feasted off of this all last month, and were even able to share the wealth. #sharingiscaring
  3. Reaching a wellness goal. One of my goals this month was to find the joy in working out again. Time at the gym used to be my way of decompressing, zoning out, and focusing on something I could control. Over time, I allowed competing priorities to take precedence, turning my workouts into rushed obligations (that I sometimes skipped in favor of something or someone else.) I decided that I needed to take back my time, for the sake of my mental and physical health. So, I made it to the gym 2-3/week and mixed that with walking and running in the park, a few bikram yoga classes, and riding the metro more than driving to get in extra steps.
  4. Being blessed by giving. A colleague and I had a lunch meeting at Busboys and Poets, which as you know, has a bookstore inside. (My dream spot…food and books!) As we browsed the new releases, one of the employees pointed out the books he anticipated reading, commenting that he’s “going to purchase them” as soon as he “could afford to.” Out of reflex I said, “I’ll buy you a book.” I mean, who would keep someone from reading who had the desire to read? (The cashier said, “He’s serious. He loves to read.”) So, I grabbed his selection and mine and headed to the register. Then to my surprise, the gentleman gave the cashier his employee discount number…ch-ching. Huge discount on both books! Hope he’s enjoying his summer read. I know I am.
  5. Diner en Blanc 2016, the hot summer soiree that started 30 years ago in Paris, France.  One of my dreams is to attend the event in Cape Town, South Africa. #ohtodream

Have a happy holiday weekend and a #superseptember!

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